~Instagram~ 07.08.2015 elbowyeish Instagram Update

Throwback Thursday time! This was at Jaejoong's house. He was so nice playing with Ryan and Riley! He even looked all over his house to find toys to give to them. Miss you JJ! 510 days left… But the music in the video makes it seem so sad but it was a happy day. Hehe. #tbt #waitingforjaejoong Tag a friend who misses Jaejoong. _ 재중이는 좋은아빠될꺼야… 갑자기 보고싶어서 동영상올리기. 인제 510일남았다. 빨리돌아와.~ 동영상이 좀 우울하네…. ㅜㅠ 원본 동영상도 올릴까? 좀 덜 우울하게? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ _ #셀스타그램 #데일리 #데일리룩 #얼스타그램 #셀피 #맞팔 #인스타그램 #daily #jejung #selfie #일상 #좋아요 #소통 #선팔 #kimjaejoong #휴일 #jaejoong #김재중 #style #ジェジュン #JYJ

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Übersetzung: Es ist Throwback Thursday Zeit! Dies hier war bei JaeJoong zu Hause. Er hat so süß mit Ryan und Riley gespielt! Er hat sogar überall in seinem Apartment gesucht, um Spielzeug aufzutreiben, das er ihnen geben konnte. Vermisse dich JJ! Noch 510 Tage… Die Musik in dem Video lässt es total traurig erscheinen, dabei war es ein echt schöner Tag. Hehe.

Source: elbowyeish
German trans by: Guardian Angel JaeJoong
Shared by: WBC + Guardian Angel JaeJoong


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